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The National Auctioneer License Law Officials Association, or as it is more commonly known, NALLOA, has been in existence for almost 40 years.

Our organization serves as a forum of licensing board members and associate members, who communicate, endorse reciprocity and promote the common good in regulating the auction profession.

We constantly look for ways to improve reciprocity and make it easier to obtain and maintain a license in this manner.

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Welcome to NALLOA Online

The National Auctioneer License Law Officials Association, or as it is more commonly known, NALLOA, has been in existence for almost 40 years.

Our organization serves as a forum of licensing board members and associate members, who communicate, endorse reciprocity and promote the common good in regulating the auction profession.

We constantly look for ways to improve reciprocity and make it easier to obtain and maintain a license in this manner.

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On August 14, 2019, at 12:00 noon (EDT),  NALLOA held a teleconference call business meeting which replaced the business meeting scheduled for July 12, 2019, in New Orleans, LA, that was cancelled.

President Morris welcomed all to the meeting and explained that the reason for holding this meeting as a teleconference call meeting was due to the fact that the business meeting previously scheduled for July 12, 2019, had to be cancelled in New Orleans because of the weather emergency.  President Morris then asked for the roll call of those present on this call.  Those present were:

Susan Sigourney,  IL

Sandy Edmonds , LA

Brandi McGrath Kong, KS (NAA rep)

Donna Potter, OH

Hope Childers, AL

Charles Diehl, NC

Jason Little, TX

Anna Dow, LA

Rhessa Hanson, TN

Don Shearer, FL

Della Lindquist, TX

Russ Tauli, TPECS Program Manager, TX

Latasha Poland, Muklti Program Specialist, TX

Charlotte Melder, Business and Consumer Safety Manager, TX

Marian Brooks, VA

Don Cotton, FL

Cindi Ferguson, KS

Yvonne Laird, MS

Tim Holt, SC

Jeff Morris, TN

Barbara Schoen, KY

The next item on the agenda was to approve the minutes, as posted on NALLOA’s website, for  the business meeting held on February 20, 2019, via teleconference call.  The motion was made by Don Shearer to approve the minutes as presented and was seconded by Donna Potter with all present voting in favor.

Next was to approve the final financial report for 2018, as posted on the website.  Charles Diehl moved that the report be accepted as presented and Donna Potter seconded the motion.  All present on this call voted in the affirmative.

Next on the agenda was the matter of electing new officers for the positions of President and Vice-President of NALLOA.  After discussion, and with the approval of our present officers, it was decided that the officers in place now will remain that way until our meeting in San Diego next July.

Coming up next on the agenda was any new information on Internet Auctions as they pertain to the auction laws in place with our licensing board states.  President Morris said that he feels that Tennessee has done more this year than any other state in trying to address the internet auction issue.  They have, per the request of the Legislature, formed a Task Force that consisted of 13 members to examine the auction law in Tennessee.  President Morris as well as Rhessa Hanson were two of the 13 members, and are both on this call at present.  The Task Force met 4 times and made somewhat sweeping changes to their auction law. To the Task Force’s surprise after submitting their final report to the Legislature,  in January, 2019, the Legislature went into session and they passed the recommendations and it is already law as of July 1, 2019. The highlights are (1) the gallery and firm licenses were entirely removed from the law, which now means they will look to the principal auctioneer to run that business.  This way they will have a person and not an entity to go after if there is a problem that arises  (2) a new level of auctioneer was added to their law and it is “bid caller”.  To have a Bid Caller license you need only 16 hours of education, and can only call the bids.  Every other aspect of the auction will be handled by the principal auctioneer.  There is one more level that is higher than the bid caller and that is Public Automobile Auctioneer who must meet requirements of a principal auctioneer plus some additional education as relates to automobile auction.  So they basically have 3 levels of auctioneer (1) Principal Auctioneer (2) Bid Caller and (3) Public Automobile Auctioneer.

Some exemptions apply for insurance companies and online auction companies who generate less than $25,000 per year.  Their apprentice auctioneer term has been changed to affiliate auctioneer to make that more synonymous with affiliate broker on the real estate side.   Additionally they changed their requirement to be an affiliate down from 2 years to 6 months  but they still have to meet the other requirements  prescribed.  Another change is that no longer  may a principal auctioneer supervise only 1 affiliate.  He/She may now supervise as many affiliates as they want to.  The definition of auction has been changed to now include the word “electronic”, which includes the online part.  This will allow for any extension of time other than that listed to fall under the jurisdiction of the Tennessee Auctioneer Commission now.

A follow up to that law being enacted, they have now been sued by one of the online auction companies, and that case is now pending. Therefore, the portion of the law regarding online auctions has not been enacted into effect as yet due to the lawsuit.  All of the other portions of that law have been put into effect.  They are waiting to see what happens to that law suit, of which President Morris is named due to his position on the Tennessee Auction Commission.  President Morris asked if there were any questions and he answered the questions accordingly.  Yvonne Laird of the Mississippi Board reported that they have requested an Attorney General Opinion concerning clarification whether or not they have jurisdiction over online auctions as their law now stands.  They are waiting for a reply on this matter and expect to have it within the next 30 days or so.

Next item on the agenda was the matter of Sales Tax as it pertains to internet auctions (decision of Wayfair vs. South Dakota case).  Brandi McGrath Kong stated that the NAA continues to monitor very closely the updates that come out regarding this matter.  As of now there are some 43 states that are regulating the sales tax matter, with Kansas being the most recent and strictest.  Kansas is the first state to come out and not have a transactional or economic threshold in place. so there is some thought that it will likely be challenged in court.  They are not sure how that will end up faring, but most of the states already have regulations that are active or will become active this fall.  The two most notable states that do not currently have laws yet in place are Florida and Missouri.  If you go to auctioneers.org/auction-tax, you can monitor the NAA’s work on this issue.  They will have representatives in Washington, DC, during the week of September 10, 2019,  meeting with Congress as well as other government agencies and different tax policy groups to continue to discuss this issue.

Next topic on the agenda was submitted by Barry Gordon, associate member, and it refers to dialogue concerning criminal activity involving stolen credit cards used at auctions.  Since Mr. Gordon was unable to take part in this meeting, and due to the fact that no one else seemed to be experiencing a problem with this issue,  the matter was dismissed at this time.

President Morris asked if there was any other issue anyone wished to bring up at this time and there being no comments, the matter was closed.

At this time the renewal of Secretary Schoen’s Executive Secretary contract was brought before the members.  President Morris asked if Ms. Schoen wished to continue on in her position and she replied she did if the members wished her to.  He asked if her present salary would be sufficient and again she replied yes.  He told the members of Ms. Schoen’s 25 years of service with NALLOA and then called for a motion.  Donna Potter moved that Ms. Schoen’s contract as Executive Secretary of NALLOA be renewed for the next three year which would be until year 2022.  Charles Diehl seconded the motion and all members on the teleconference call voted in the affirmative.  Ms. Schoen thanked the members.

Secretary Schoen mentioned the fact that NALLOA had acquired 4 new Associate Members from the New Orleans Conference.  They are, Auctions International, Inc., Paul C. Behr, Gordon J. Greene, and Jeff Martin Auctioneers, Inc..

What items to put on the Agenda for the teleconference Winter meeting of NALLOA, which will be held in February, was discussed.  It was decided that President Morris, Vice-President Amy Holleman and Executive Secretary Schoen would work together to create the Agenda (a copy of the finalized agenda will be sent to all members prior to the meeting, along with the exact date and time of the meeting).

There being no further business, President Morris thanked all for participating in this call and then the meeting was adjourned.





Beginning Balance on January 1, 2019                                                       $ 8,442.29

 Deposits for 2019 Renewals received after Jan. 1, 2019                     $ 3,075.00

 Expenditures from January 1, 2019 through June 30, 2019             $ 3,611.09

 Balance in Account as of June 30, 2019                                                    $ 7,906.20




$2,000.00   6 month per diem for Executive Secretary (07-01-18 through 12-31-18)

$   396.50   Airline ticket for Secretary Schoen to New Orleans for July, 2019

$   300.00   Reimbursement to Bill Schoen for Broadband fees for NALLOA for Jan., 2019, through June, 2019

$   203.89   Black Ink Cartridges for printer

$   240.00   Web Hosting fee to Auction Services for Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May, June, 2019

$   125.40   printing fee for handouts in booth at New Orleans convention

$   100.00   Professional services rendered to NALLOA by Erickson & Sederstrom

$     99.36   Charges to FreeConference.com for teleconference call on 02-20-2019

$     55.00   Roll of forever postage stamps

$     36.44   New Orleans cookbooks for giveaway in booth in July

$     34.50   Order for new checks for NALLOA bank account

$     20.00   Biennial filing fee to Nebraska Secretary of State, 2019



On July 12, 2019, at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside Hotel, NALLOA presented an educational seminar.  The speaker was Mike Brandly, and the topic was “The Pitfalls of Inconsistency at Auction”.

Even though New Orleans was under the threat of an impending hurricane, the seminar proceeded.  Those present at this seminar were:

Jeff Morris                                                  TN

Jennifer Warmack                                    TN

Gordon Greene                                          NC

Charles Diehl                                             NC

Susanna Grobler                                      South Africa

Martha Keet                                              South Africa

Davis Drake                                              TX

Liz Drake                                                  TX

John Cardoza                                          CA

Mike Brandly                                          OH

A. Brock                                                   KS

Kara Miller                                              IL

Alvin Kaddatz                                         TX

Sherman Hostetter                                PA

Barbara Schoen                                      KY

During this seminar the specifics included instruction on:  (1) The McDonald’s Model, (2) Contracting for Auctions (3) Auction registration (4) Bid increments (5) Absentee & phone bids (6) Saying “sold” (7)  Staff attire, appearance and (8) Auction setup.  Much valuable information was provided on theses sections and the seminar was very well received by all who attended.

We felt this was very well attended given the fact that many had left the Conference & Show early in order to  to return to their homes in other states due to the impending hurricane that was expected to hit New Orleans.

As usual, Mike Brandly did a spectacular job for us.

** it is noted here that the business meeting planned for later had to be cancelled due to the impending storm.  This business meeting will be held in August, and will be in the form of a teleconference call meeting.


ALABAMAHope Childers reported that their financial information for FY 2019 was:    BUDGET—$225,000.00,  REVENUE—-$65,525.00, EXPENDITURES—$128,767.58, and  FUND BALANCE–$244,964.13.

Their total licensees as of June 30, 2019:  792 excluding exempt companies- which number 157– Auctioneers–611, Apprentices–70 companies–111.

Complaints for FY 2019 are:  received—7 cases, Closed–3 cases, and Active–4 cases

Their 2019 Disciplinary Files are:  Assessed—$5,000.00, Collected—$   00.00, and Delinquent–$5,000.00

Her report ended


 ARKANSAS– Kristy Arnold reported that not much had changed since their last report.  They have started renewals for 2019/2020.  They have 7 Board members consisting of 4 Auctioneers and 3 Public members.

They are still researching states that regulate online auctions.

As of July 1st the Governor has combined the auctioneer Board with the Labor & Occupational Licensing Board.  They do not know what changes may be coming their way at this time.

They have one complaint as of this date.  She had nothing further to report.


FLORIDA--Don Shearer reported that their board met on June 4, 2019, in Tallahassee.  They have two new consumers members and now finally have a full board to work with for the first time in a long time.  There is some talk of moving the Board from Tallahassee to Orlando, but nothing has been finalized yet.

They have had 6 disciplinary cases of which 4 were on the same person.   They have also had two recovery fund hearings and have had 7 new rule changes.

The out of state licenses issued are 1 apprentice, 1 by examination and 10 by endorsement, they also had 2 auction business licenses issued..

Their budget was operating at a deficit so by law they have to put an assessment on the renewal fee of licenses. They have paid a lot out of their recovery fund, and by law when the fund falls below $200,000.00 they have to replenish it up to $500,000.00, so this will require an assessment on the license as well.

His report ended.


ILLINOIS--Susan Sigourney reported that they have a new Governor, J. B. Pritzker, and they also have a new Director of  Real Estate, Mr. Mario Treto, Jr.  Their Auction Advisory Board consist of Brennan Joseph, Public Member; Robert Nord, Auctioneer; Brian Swartz, Auctioneer; and Thomas Walsh, Auctioneer.

They currently have 1,026 licensed auctioneers and 144 licensed auction firms.  They also have a designation of Exempt Auctioneer (exempt from the Real Estate License Act.

Fees for licenses and renewal of said licenses are: Auctioneer and Exempt Auctioneer–initial license fee is $200 with renewal fee of $450 for two years, and the Auction Firm initial license fee is $100 with the renewal of $250 for two years.

SB 1674 passed the House and Senate and was signed by Governor Pritzker.  It will take effect once it is signed into law.  A synopsis of the Bill is as follows:  Extends the repeal date of the Auction License Act from January 1, 2020 to January 1, 2030.  Amends the Auction License Act; removes reference to associate auctioneers, sponsoring auctioneers, and sponsor cards throughout the Act, makes changes concerning definitions, requires that all applicants and licensees shall provide a valid address and email address, which shall serve as the address and email address of record, and shall inform the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation of any change of address or email address through specified means, allows for service of certain notices by email, repeals provisions concerning surrender of licenses and makes other changes.  You can find the full text here”  http:??www.ilga.gov/legislation/fulltext.asp?DocName=&Sessionid=108&GA=101&DocTypeid=SB&DocNum=1674&GAID=15&LegLD=118853&SpecSess=&Session=

Her report concluded.


LOUISIANA–  Sandy Edmonds reported that they too have been monitoring the internet laws as it pertains to auctions.  The Board did vote into place some internet auction laws and they were presented to the a state legislator in Louisiana a legislator can only present 5 bills and the Louisiana bill would have exceeded that number so unfortunately their Bill did not make the session this year.  They are closely watching to see what happens in the lawsuit filed against Tennessee which will determine how Louisiana will proceed in the future.

Louisiana will be electing a new Governor in November of this year, so hopefully, come January, 2020, they may have a Board with its full compliment of board members.  At present they do not have the full number of Board Members that they should have per their statute.


She had nothing further to report.


 MISSISSIPPI  Yvonne Laird reported that as of July 1, 2019, the had  449 licensees , of which 387 were online renewals and 62 were paper renewals. Mississippi’s is now fully activated for online renewal process.

As of July 1, 2019, all auctions conducted within the state will be required to be licensed by the state of Mississippi Auctioneers Licensing Board, whether live on site or online.

Ms. Laird further reported that their state is in a re-election year and that four of their five board members have been reappointed by the current Governor for an additional five years.

They currently have reciprocal agreements in place with 14 licensing states:  AL, AR,FL, GA,IL, KY, LA, MA, NC, OH, SC, TN, TX, VA

Her report concluded


NORTH CAROLINA- Charles Diehl reported that it is a chaotic and sad time at their board right now due to the unexpected passing of their Chairman, Gary Boyd, on  Friday, August 9, 2019.  A meeting of the Board was already scheduled for the following Monday and it was decided to continue with the meeting as planned.  They are in hopes that the Governor will appoint a replacement for Mr. Boyd soon.  As of now, Lisa York, Vice-Chairman is serving as acting Chairman until they acquire a new member and an election is held for the position of Chairman.  Their board is made up of  one public member, three auctioneers and one member who may or may not be an auctioneer.

Currently all of their board members were Real Estate licensees and recently the board received some complaints saying that no one ever mentioned the terms “reserve” or “absolute” to them, nor was the buyers premium ever listed in the contract.  The board says the Buyers Premium, amount of the premium and who receives the money from it is required to be in the contract. So, the board requested Mr. Diehl to draft something that would educate the seller on buyers premium, absolute auction, auction with reserve, 30 day settlement, and  auction contact information for the board.  This would not be mandatory but would be helpful to the seller to understand the ins and outs of the auction process.  Licensees can go on the board’s website and download and print (at their own expense) this document.  They can even have the seller sign that they received this document.  He stated again that this is not mandatory and that it is intended as an educational tool that will hopefully void misunderstandings  where auctioneers may or may not have adequately advised their seller. This document is not ready yet, but when it is, it will be posted on their website, NCALB.org.   This document will also be available for the public to review on their website as well.

This concluded his report


OHIO– Donna Potter reported that  The Ohio Department of Agriculture is the regulatory authority for auctioneers in the State of Ohio.  There are five Commissioners appointed by the Governor who serve in an advisory capacity to the Department.   Chairman Debbie Allen, Auctioneer, Vice Chairman Theresa Blocher, Auctioneer, Commissioner Larry Woods, Auctioneer, Commissioner Sherri Orr, Public Member and Commissioner Kevin Wendt, Auctioneer

Their licensees number–AUCTIONEER: 2434; APPRENTICE  AUCTIONEER:  116; AUCTIONEER Corp/LLC: 246; AUCTION FIRM:  85; and SPECIAL AUCTIONEER: 2;    

There are 151 licensees who can still renew prior to September 1, 2019.  We are still in our renewal period.  They have 8 types of license designations: Auctioneer, Apprentice Auctioneer, Auction Firm, Auctioneer: Corporation, Partnership, LLC, Special Auctioneer, and One Time Auctioneer

 Their Board has both a recovery fund and a bond, depending on which license type

 The fees for license and renewal for each designation are: AUCTIONEER: INITIAL_200_RENEWAL__200__; APPRENTICE AUCTIONEER: INITIAL_100___RENEWAL_100__; AUCTION FIRM: INITIAL__100__RENEWAL__100___; AUCTIONEER CORPORATION/LLC:  INITIAL_200___RENEWAL_200___;NON-RESIDENT: INITIAL and RENEWAL: __Same as in state ;  OTHER:  One Time Only License $500 license fee no renewal option

 The biggest issues are regarding no or misuse of escrow accounts; lack of contracts or missing language; and timely remittance of funds.  Still having auctioneers pay their license renewal fees from client trust account.

She had nothing further to report





PENNSYLVANIA_-Terrie Kocher reports that the Board continues to review its schedule of fees and regulations for changes.  Because of the amendments to the Auctioneer Licensing and Trading Assistant registration Act, the Board will be drafting changes to Chapter 1, Title 49 of the Pennsylvania Code.

The Pennsylvania Board of Auctioneer Examiners remains involved in federal litigation alleging that the Board violated the Sherman Antitrust Act when it cited an attorney for the unlicensed practice of auctioneering.  In addition to the antitrust issues, the litigation alleges that the Auctioneer Licensing and Trading Assistant Registration Act violates the US Constitution to the extent that it fails to exclude attorneys from the prohibition against unlicensed practice.

The Board currently has three vacancies:  Two Public Members and one Trading Assistant

Her report concluded.


SOUTH CAROLINA–Amy Holleman reports that the South Carolina Auctioneers’ Commission currently has four of its five members seated.  Victor “Julio” Avendano is the Commission Chair, Matthew Holiday is the Commission Vice Chair, Joe Burns is a Commissioner, and Julian “Rafe” Dixon is a Commissioner.  Michelle Pinkney, who was the Commission’s public member, recently submitted her resignation as she is changing careers and will be teaching.  We are awaiting the appointment of a new public member from Governor Henry McMaster.

Currently, there are 924 licensed auctioneers, four licensed apprentice auctioneers, and 198 licensed firms in South Carolina.  Since we last met in Jacksonville, Florida, the Commission has issued one disciplinary order, which can be found in the board orders section of the Commission’s website.

Regarding the website, the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, which is the umbrella agency that the Commission is housed under, launched a new website design this summer.  The new website address for the Commission is,https://llr.sc.gov/auc/.

Auctioneers in South Carolina who have not yet renewed their licenses can do so by September 30, 2019, by paying the renewal fee plus a $100 late fee.  Any license not renewed by September 30, 2019, is considered invalid, and the Practice Act does not have a reinstatement provision, so those licensees would have to take the exams again in order to be licensed in South Carolina.

This is the first renewal cycle where we have used CE Broker as a means of tracking continuing education for our licensees.  Licensees go to www.cebroker.com to register for their account and to enter CE hours earned in the cycle.  We will be able to audit licensees through CE Broker’s website.  Since this is the first year, it is not required, but in 2021 licensees will be unable to renew their licenses without first reporting adequate qualified continuing education hours through CE Broker’s website.

South Carolina still offers the auctioneers examinations in-house.  The Agency put out a request for bids for testing centers to take over this responsibility.  Those bids have come in and are being reviewed by the state.  I hope that we will move examinations to a third-party provider by the end of the year.  This will be a great thing for applicants because they will be able to schedule at their convenience and be able to sit for the exams close to home instead of having to drive to Columbia once a quarter to sit.  Regulation says the exams can only be given in the months of March, June, September, and December, so that will remain until regulations can be re-written.

Her report concluded.


TENNESSEE –Jeff Morris stated that he had only one thing to add to the report he had given, and that is that they are rewriting their rules so they will dovetail with the new law changes enacted.  (you can find the details on his detailed report and the law changes, by looking at the minutes of this teleconference meeting that is posted on this website.


 TEXAS–Della Lindquist reported that the auctioneer law was changed in the 86th Legislative Session, 2019, HB 2233 changed, Section 1802.052(a) and removed the requirement that a person must not have had a felony conviction within the previous five years, in order to obtain a license.  The law goes into effect September 1, 2019.  They have other criminal conviction guidelines and Chapter 53, Occupations Code to handle a person’s past criminal offenses and this section was in conflict with that other law.

Bill HB 910  was introduced to deregulate auctioneers altogether but thankfully it did not pass.  They are, at their next meeting, going to be looking at the rules and regulations for possible changes or updates.

She also reported that in the past two years they have had to pay a lot of money from the recovery fund.  One person defrauded many people that amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Since the maximum they can pay from the recovery fund was $30,000 per incident, they found as many of the aggrieved parties and somewhat pro-rated an amount for compensation to make all of them partially whole again.   Finalizing this issue has taken the  better part of the last two years.

Her report ended.


VIRGINIA — Marian Brooks reported  that they have 5 board members, three of which are licensed auctioneers and two are citizen members.  The Board members are:Andrew Smith (Chair-Citizen member), Douglas Sinclair (Vice-Chair) Betty Bennett, Linda Terry (auctioneers).   Ashla Roseboro (former citizen member), recently submitted her resignation due to a relocation need.  Therefore, this position is currently open and they will be looking for a replacement.

As of July 1, 2019, the Board had 1,158 licensed auctioneers and 246 licensed firms.  Applications, regulations and statutes, contact information, and other information is available on the Board;s website at:  http://www.dpor.virginia.gov/Boards/Auctioneers/.

Auctioneers in VA are required to complete at least 6 hours of Board approved CE for the renewal or reinstatement of their auctioneer license.  Renewal forms are mailed to the licensee approximately 45 days prior to the expiration date of the license.  Licenses are renewed every two years.  By renewing the license, the licensee is certifying continued compliance with the Standards of Practice in Part IV (18VAC25-21-100 st seq), Stanards of Conduct in Part V (18VAC25-21-180 et seq), as well as CE requirements in Part VII (18VAC25-21-230 et seq) of this Chapter.

Courses taken from the Certified Auctioneer’s Institute (CAI), the National Auctioneer’s Association (NAA), or the Virginia Auctioneer’s Association (VAA) are approved pursuant to Section 54.1 –603.1 of the Code of Virginia. Board approved courses may be reviewed by visiting the following website link: http://www.dpor.virginia.gov/uploadedFilesMainSite/Content/Boards/Auctioneers/29SCHLST.pdf

The newsletter can be accessed directly by going to: http://dpor.virginia.gov/News/Board/Newsletters/   Interested parties may follow the regulatory process through the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall at: www.townhall.virginia.gov

States that Virginia reciprocates with at this time are: Indiana, Mississippi and North Carolina.  The state of Alabama has a pending status as a reciprocal state at this time.

Information regarding any disciplinary actions can be viewed on the Board’s website, under License Lookup, “Disciplinary Action Search” website link  http://www/dpor.virginia.gov/LicenseLookup/

Her report concluded



The next meeting of NALLOA will again be in the form of a teleconference meeting as usual, and will be held on February 12, 2020, at 12:00 noon, EST.  As always, this meeting will be entirely FREE to all who take part in it, and will be open to all members of NALLOA, both licensing boards and associate members.

To take part in this meeting simply call 1-800-567-5900 and then enter 647176 when prompted to do so.

You will be sent a copy of the proposed Agenda and Financial report for this meeting shortly before February 12th of 2020.  Please make every effort to be a part of this call.  All of our members are very important to us and we encourage them to take an active part in our organization.

Also, if there is anything you would like to see placed on the Agenda for discussion please contact me and we will consider it.



JUSTIN CROY, from  Culver, Indiana, was the winner of the  New Orleans cookbook given away in our booth at the New Orleans, LA,  Conference and Show, on July 19, 2018.

We had many sign up for the free giveaway.  This giveaway brought extra people to our booth that might not have stopped otherwise, which gave me the opportunity to make them aware of NALLOA and our organization.  

I am so happy to say that from the traffic at our booth, we acquired 4 new associate members, Auctions International, Inc, Gordon Greene, Jeff Ma

We will do another cookbook giveaway in San Diego, California, on July 17, 2020.  Hope to see all of you there.